Gold Bar Maze

Version 1.0.0

This game comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY!


A short maze game where the goal is to find the gold bars in the dungeon hidden
somewhere in the forest.

This game was designed for the Linux Game Jame 2019 on For bonus
points: it was developed using open source tools: Haxe, HaxeFlixel, Lime,
Tiled, Gimp, and Vim.


Use the arrow keys to move your character through the maze. Press Q to exit the
game, and use + - and 0 to adjust the music level.

How to run the game

Download the game archive, unzip the file and run the executable.

cd gbm

The game starts when you run the executable.


You can also play the html5 version on via your browser.

Dependency requirements

This game was tested on a clean install of Ubuntu LTS 16.04 64-bit desktop and should work out of the box. The html5 version was tested using Firefox.


Programming: kcnhgames
Graphics: kcnhgames
Gold bar sprite:
Music: congusbongus

PlatformsLinux, HTML5
Release date Apr 18, 2019
Made withHaxe, OpenFL
Tags2D, maze
Average sessionA few minutes
LinksHomepage, Blog


Download 10 MB

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